There are still a number of steps left to complete all the changes. However, salary increases will be paid from the first pay period as of January 1, 2018. Thus, you will be reimbursed until that date. No no. While the details are not finished, the bonus should be paid on January 1, 2018 only to medical staff employed in public hospitals. Hospitals are required to pay as soon as the agreements have been approved by the Fair Work Commission. If the vote is concluded, the agreements will be tabled at the end of March. The approval of the Fair Work Commission is 50% in 3 weeks, 100% in the 12th. AMA Victoria asked the division to authorize payment earlier to minimize administrative delays. The first hearing of WADA/ASMOF Victoria took place on Thursday 5 The Fair Work Commission (FWC) took place on 1 September.

A medical officer may be absent for up to two years to participate in a recognized humanitarian medical program or participate in structured rotations as a registrar, without compromising the recognition of continuous service by the median officer. There is little chance that the deal will fail at this stage. This could only happen if the majority of doctors who vote in a given hospital vote against it. You have to vote YES to make sure this doesn`t happen. One of our goals was intergovernmental parity. Current agreements between states have wage increases of 2% to 2.5% pa and relatively few changes in terms and conditions of employment. This package puts Victoria better in terms of wages and intergovernmental conditions. As you may know, AMA Victoria took an unusual step in August to resolve a dispute with each health service covered by the AMA Specialist Enterprise Agreement. .

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