All CSC India employees who have worked with the organization for more than two years can take a sabbatical for up to two years for higher education, such as. B after graduation or MBA. The course must be tailored to the business needs of the organization. The employee does not receive a salary during this period, but is assessed when the employer returns to work, provided the employer has worked and worked at a competent level, says Neelam Gill Malhotra, Director, HR at CSC India. the company has a sabbatical policy … I am aware of colleagues who use this Benfit for family, health and other reasons. The key to a sabbatical is planning. Before going on sabbatical, managers must review their daily plans and long-range plans and decide what can be postponed and what should be reassigned to subordinates, colleagues and the boss. By preparing at least a year in advance, hr can adapt the upcoming workload.

As the employee outlines his plans, employees are also excited. They intersect, so that the outgoing employee`s duties are temporarily assumed. This allows workers to be more in touch with others and to learn more about different professions. At Xansa, people have taken a career break for reasons such as extended maternity leave, work education or a family emergency. Says Tanu Gupta, V-P Assistant (HR), Although there is no structured policy yet, we give the green signal on a case-to-case basis. So far, 17-20 people have taken a sabbatical. And there are companies that, in their personnel policy, weave with their corporate social responsibility programs. The SCC allows employees who have worked for more than three years to take over six months` leave for social projects in which the employee receives half the salary and is assessed on the basis of his or her performance in the social development project. And how employees take advantage of these long breaks Most employees use sabbatical time to spend valuable time with their families and pursue their interests. They come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated. Adobe encourages its employees to maintain a work-life balance, and this program is a step in that direction, Says Ballakur.

The other driver for a sabbatical program, she says, is to take the employee out of everyday life and let her come back and watch her work and business with a pair of fresh eyes.