The terms of employment [330 U.S. 258, 263] were controlled “for the duration of state ownership” by an agreement2 reached on May 29, 1946 between Interior Minister Krug as a director of Coal Mines and John L. Lewis as president of United Mine Workers of America. 3 The krug-Lewis agreement embodied far-reaching changes, 4 and, except in the amended and completed agreement, the agreement continued the terms of the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of 11 April 1945.5 [330 U.S. 258, 264] on 21 October 1946 to Secretary Krug, presenting questions that led directly to controversy. According to the accused Lewis, the Krug-Lewis 15 agreement was presented to the National Bituminous Coal Wage Agreement of April 11, 1945. Under this section, each contracting party was authorized to communicate in writing for ten days the wish of a negotiation conference in which the other party was to participate; Fifteen days after the start of the conference, each party can notify in writing the termination of the contract, which takes effect five days after receiving this notification. In his letter of October 21, the accused Lewis requested that a conference begin on November 1 to negotiate new agreements on wages, working time, practices and other relevant issues relating to the oil and so coal industry. 6 [ Footnote 20 ] Senator Connally said, “Mr.

Lewis appeared before the Truman committee three or four weeks ago. I happen to be a member of this committee, and when he said that he did not consider his non-strike agreement to be binding… I then decided that if I could bring this bill before the Senate, I would raise it and insist that the President or the Government of the United States have a weapon to deal with the threat and danger if it does not comply with the agreement. 89 Cong. Rec. 3886. See also H.Rep.No. 440, 78. Cong., 1. Sess, 6.

There are countless references to the coal situation in the debates. See z.B., 89 Cong.Rec. 3767, 3886, 3888, 3889, 3900-01. Secretary Krug again informed the defendant Lewis that, under the Krug-Lewis agreement or the law, he was not entitled to terminate the contract by unilateral declaration. 10 The President of the United States announced his strong support for the government`s position and called for a new review by the union to avoid a national crisis.